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Fish and Aquariums

Come down and have a look at our great range of aquatic animals such as fish (great coloured cichlids, Australian Natives and Community fish) yabbies, shrimp, crabs , Mudskippers and Salamanders.

Speak to our friendly staff for an easy step by step guide through setting up or maintaining your aquarium for good healthy fish.

We have a extensive range of accessories and maintenance equipment with well-known brands such as aqua one, Eheim, jager, fluval, jebo, orca etc.
We have all your aquarium needs we even stock filtrations, airation, heating, lighting, medications, substrates, aquatic plants (live and artificial), ornaments, foods such as live feeder fish, feeder yabbies, bloodworms and frozen goods.

Stylish tanks and set ups from wild to mild.…


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