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Small animals

At Extreme Pets we have in house staff that have bred rats and mice for numerous years. At present we are working on developing a range of new blood lines we are working on building our breeding colonies to be able to supply a number of Dumbo Rats and a range of different breeds.

Looking for a pet that can be indoors or outdoors a perfect pet is a rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse or even a ferret. They can be cute, cuddly and have their own way of showing affection. All our rats and mice are bred in store
We have a range of small animals from Rabbits (Rex Rabbits, Dwarf rabbits, Angora rabbits etc.), Guniea Pigs (long and short hair), Rats (Rex Rats, Nude rats, Dumbo rats etc.) mice (Long hair, Short hair, Rex Mice, Nude mice, etc) and Ferrets.

We also stock all the goodies that you need to set up your new little pet to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible. We have a range of different cages, hutches, bedding materials (saw dust, straw, kitty litter etc.), hides, feeding and water bowls, water bottles, feed etc.
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