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Venomous snake

What is an extreme pet?
Ones that kill you like venomous snakes and big crocodiles are a good start!
Yes, here in Australia, people keep Death Adders, Taipans and massive salt water crocodiles as pets.
Want a lion or a tiger?
Well in Australia, they are banned but they are available all over the place in Dubai, if you really want one.
Not all extreme pets are either big or deadly.
Some are actually quite small.
Think small deadly spiders or scorpions for example.

Fat snake

Australia has a wide range of extreme pets on offer.
Besides the obvious in the form of snakes, both deadly and harmless, other extreme reptiles include lizards of all sorts, including the giant monitor lizards, snapping turtles and even some pretty brutish frogs.
Gaining in popularity are things like scorpions, spiders and even cockroaches.
Marine fish aren't always just nice and colourful.
Some marine pets are actually quite dangerous, but look great in a tank.
Think Blue-ringed Octopus, Angel Fish, or even the humble non-mobile Stone Fish.
Clams and eels are also increasingly popular, as some pretty violent fresh-water fish.
Here we showcase the best of extreme pets and teach you more about how to deal with them.
WE also highlight some of the main businesses in Australia who deal with extreme pets, various experts and more to make this website a go-to destination for anyone with an interest in extreme pets.
Know someone who should be mentioned on this website? Let us know via out contact page or email us at info (at) extremepets.com.au.

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